Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come As You Are.

This blog post was inspired while listening to the song "Come As You Are" by David Crowder.

We live in a broken world.
One where there is much tragedy.
It would seem that there is a debilitating
presence of hurt amongst the loved ones
around me.

Maybe you're a mother who's just lost her son,
a man who's just lost his brother.

Maybe you're a missionary who's
finding that their once broken hearts
for the people they are serving,
are instead becoming hearts of anger,
bitterness, and hopelessness.

Maybe you're a woman anxiously
waiting for her sister to wake up from a coma,
just so you can talk with her again.

Maybe you're a wife desperately
wishing your husband would pursue
you, or a husband desperately wishing
your wife would encourage and
acknowledge what you can do,
rather than what you can't.

Maybe you're parents,
watching your little girl go through
an illness that you so wish
you could take away.

Maybe you're a teenage girl,
frantically running away from
all of the things you know hurt you
but unsure of what is safe anymore.

Maybe you're just angry and have
a hundred misconceptions about God.
Maybe you blame Him for everything
that is wrong in your life.

Maybe you're a grown man,
torn up for your family or your friend
who doesn't know Jesus,
wanting so badly for them
to meet Him and be healed by Him.

Maybe you're a grown woman,
who's harboring anger and unforgiveness,
but can't find the strength to just let it go
and choose to forgive.

"Earth has no sorrow 
      that Heaven can't heal."

Come as you are.
Come as you are.
Come exactly as broken, helpless,
shameful, burdensome as you are.
And find rest.

God is a God who heals.
He heals broken hearts,
broken lives,
broken relationships,
broken minds,
and broken bodies.

Not even death itself
can over take us if we are in Christ Jesus,
for He has overcome even death itself.
There is no thing on this Earth
that can keep us in darkness.
If we choose Jesus,
then He is the light.
For the darkness has NOT overcome it.

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