Friday, June 26, 2015

The Gain of the Battle.

We live in fear of the battle.
Like a child treading water,
desperately trying to keep his head above the surface.
Or an airplane, struggling to stay above the clouds.

As if sinking below the clouds
or being pulled beneath the water's surface
will be the end of us.

We pray for safety, success, and ease.
and dread the days of pain, failure, and struggle.

And when those days come,
because they do come,
we yearn to get back above the clouds
and our heads above the water's surface again.

We live for safety.

We fear the battle.

But what if the battle is where we come alive?

Where we learn the end of ourselves
And see the true glory of Jesus?

Where our vulnerability comes out,
and we realize that who we really are
is already loved and is accepted,
and not just the parts of us that felt "safe" to be and share.

Where we learn to truly fight
for what matters most,
to come out on the other side,
equipped and fully prepared to
love in a new amazing way.

...What if where we come alive is
at the bedside of a loved one in the ICU?

...What if where we come alive is
at the dinner table of a marriage that is ending
and desperately needs to be fought for?

...What if where we come alive is
hitting rock bottom after having failed?

...What if where we come alive is
standing in front of a room and
proclaiming what is true?
...What if where we come alive is
in the arena,
with bloodied hands and blackened eyes,
and a spirit full of joy,
after having fought the fight,
and claimed the victory?

...What if where we come alive is
sacrificing our lives for the freedom
of a people who don't know Christ?

...What if where we come alive is
what we fear the most?

Dive into the battle.
The "safety" of the world is fleeting,
but the safety the Lord promises is wherever He resides.

For where the Lord is present,
there is victory.

He doesn't promise freedom from struggle
and oppression,
but victory in the presence of danger.

Dive into the battle.
And breathe for the first time.

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