Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brain Yak.

A thousand thoughts
swim through my mind
each awaiting the attention
of something to give it meaning.

Like the way we so easily
forget who we are.
And whose we are.

How hard it is to grow up,
and make long-term decisions,
no matter how much or well
people try to prepare us for it.

The way we forget to stop
and look at our lives to be thankful.
And the frustration that comes 
with seeing and having knowledge
of joy that should be there, 
but feeling unable to indulge in it.

How easy it is to become
and unmotivated.

How the little things
that happened to us in 
our pasts seemed to only 
hurt then,
but as we age,
the memories subconsciously
take control of our thoughts,
and in turn control our responses.
And the frustration
that comes with the overwhelming
realization of how much
you truly have to uncover,
and heal from.

The relieving way
God's truth stands 
firm no matter how
firm I'm standing.
Praise God that the
authenticity of His truth
does not rely solely on my faith.

How His truth is available for belief
all of the time.
It never stops being true.
It does not depend on whether or
not it has my belief at the moment.

How His promises are always there,
even if I've seemingly checked out.

Praise God for grace.
That He refrains
from giving us what we deserve,
but chooses to continually give us 
what we absolutely don't deserve.

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